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    Theology - Ecclesiology: Res Publica

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    A catena of Augustine quotations concerning the Christian res publica, quoted in Through the Eye of a Needle: Wealth, the Fall of Rome, and the Making of Christianity in the West, 350-550 AD (pp. 182-3):

    “Let each man question himself regarding his soul, to learn to hate in it a private feeling . . . and to love in it that communion and society of which it is said The had but one soul and one heart outstretched to God (Acts 4:32). So, indeed, is your very soul not your own; it is also that of all your brothers, whose souls are yours, or rather whose souls combined wit yours are no longer souls, but a single soul, the One Soul of Christ.”

    “What does the lover of the Wisdom of God say? Proclaim along with me the greatness of the Lord (Psalm 33:4). I do not wish to love alone.  It is not as if when I have embraced her no one else can find a place to put their hand.  There is such ample space in Wisdom, that all souls may caress her and enjoy her to the full.”

    “This is the life in common of a kind of divine and heavenly Republic – a Commonwealth in which the poor are sent away full, for they seek not their own but the things of Jesus Christ.”

    posted by Peter J. Leithart on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 9:11 am